AutoCash is Your Direct Loan Approval-To-Book Revolution!

AutoCash is Your Direct Loan Approval-To-Book Revolution!

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"Since 2006, Eglin Federal Credit Union has had the AutoCash member reward certificate in place and has been a satisfied client with AutoLine Marketing Group. AutoCash is a unique product that our members and frontline staff enjoy. Our experience with AutoLine staff continues to be pleasant and professional. Customer service from AutoLine is executed with swift action and satisfactory resolution. This includes recruiting additional dealers for our AutoCash certificate to taking care of the “missing“ gift card that happens on rare occasions. We promote the AutoCash campaign via our direct mail letters for pre‐approved loans, on our website, and in Branch Member Services to encourage loan retention. I strongly endorse the AutoCash product and AutoLine Marketing Group."

Sherry Harlow, APR, Marketing Director Eglin Federal Credit Union

Increase your AutoLoan retention rate to 90%

"Call to Action” Marketing Piece:

AutoCash can be customized to serve as the main marketing collateral for special events, for example; a car buying event. The piece is developed for free and is successfully used to inform and create buzz with members. Used in this manner, AutoCash markets to and rewards members for participating in the event and celebrates their loyalty to the credit union.  The activity from all AutoCash promotions is measured and reported bi-weekly. It is an effective piece that allows marketing and loan activity to be measured.

Reward Program:

Two special features of the AutoCash program are having the ability to reward members and associates without cost to the credit union.  Members receive incentive to visit dealers with a gas gift card and are rewarded with a Visa gift card when they use their loan.  Associates are rewarded with a Visa gift card every time they issue a referral that results in credit union funding.

Member Service and Engagement:

Upgrade your member service while you enhance member engagement by including AutoCash on your website, in your newsletter, with your statement insert, or as an in-branch promotional piece. There are many ways to utilize AutoCash that can help promote your lending program and its benefits to your members.

Ratings and Member Surveys:

Members receive their AutoCash gift in the mail and at that moment, are invited to rate their experience. 95% rate AutoCash 5 of 5 stars. Post results on your website and on social media to boost awareness by word of mouth marketing. Let members and potential members know all the positive ways you are there to help.

"Autoline Marketing Group has provided our members with a great program for several years. We continue to see benefits by promoting full service loan relationships, giving added value, and helping to give our brand a differentiating factor in the market. Our members love the program and our employees find it easy to administer! The support we receive helps to make this a seamless connection between us,our members, and our dealer network. We can fully recommend Autoline to anyone who is looking for a great partner to help drive member satisfaction and increased business."

Greg Baker Vice President, Sales & Marketing University of Kentucky Federal Credit Union

AutoLine solves these problems for you

Credit Application

Current Issue:Your team successfully obtains a member’s credit application and congratulates the member on their credit approval! Unfortunately the member’s loan never closes and you later learn the loan was lost to the dealer.

AutoCash Solution: AutoCash is the perfect “thank-you” for the completed loan application. Members leave your branch knowing you value them and their banking relationship, with collateral in hand! Now with the AutoCash program in place, dealers fund the member’s loan to the credit union per the referral agreement.

Member Service

Current Issue: Opportunity knocks when a member inquires about your current interest rates, their loan payoff, trade-in value or even simple questions about credit. Your team answers all of the member’s questions, only to never hear from them again.

AutoCash Solution: AutoCash is the perfect token of appreciation. “Your loan payoff is $5500. I would also like to thank you for your loyal membership with this AutoCash Reward Certificate!” When the member redeems their certificate, all data captured in the gift fulfillment process and the outcome of the member’s visit is reported directly to you.

AutoCash is rewarding

Your member is entitled to receive a FREE $20 gas card or a $50 Visa gift card, depending on the outcome of the visit. It is a very simple, effective way to improve member engagement and reward member loyalty!

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