AutoCash History

AutoLine Marketing Group was founded in 2006. AutoCash was a 45 day marketing promotion. Dealers were recruited to advertise on a credit union statement insert. The gift offer was a flashlight tool kit. The member redeemed AutoCash with a visit to a participating dealer. Gift fulfillment was submitted with a dealer faxed back request form. After 45 days the promotion ended.

The dealer fax process provided data collection for gift fulfillment. This data added value because most marketing promotions are unable to track results. Good data, but statement inserts produced poor results and the data did not track the loan outcome.

A solution for robust tracking was the two option gift offer. A free $20 gas card option identifies a no loan outcome. The upgrade is a $50 visa gift card with the use of a credit union loan. Loan results were disappointing because we had no way of reaching qualified, serious car buying individuals

Today, the AutoCash certificate is used by our clients for all member loan approvals. In addition to the member reward format, we now offer an optional frontline reward of a $25 Visa gift card. Tracking the loan outcome is accompanied with member survey results to show feedback from the dealer experience. On average, 90% of member referrals result in a credit union loan. No other promotion offers the level of protection or member satisfaction.

The road from humble a statement insert to the AutoCash certificate of today has been an amazing journey. I am proud of our program because all parties win. I hope you accept my personal invitation to “test-drive” AutoCash today. I am confident you will enjoy how a simple reward program can deliver big on dealer support and loan loyalty.