Improve Dealer Relations and Gain Lending Loyalty

Direct or indirect lending plans work great with AutoCash

  • Your frontline team distributes AutoCash in the branch, via mail or email – whichever is most convenient.
  • The member takes AutoCash to a participating dealer and the dealer submits the gift request on behalf of the member.
  • Loan closing rules are determined by the credit union and include direct, indirect, or both.

AutoCash applies to both new and used vehicle purchases with credit union financing!

Dealer Training Video

Dealerships that are conveniently located near you and your members are the dealers that would most benefit from placing their brand/ad on your credit union's AutoCash Reward Certificate. Dealers signup to receive your referrals and in turn, agree to redeem AutoCash for members and fund the subsequent sale exclusively through your credit union. Dealers love to sell cars to referrals from your lending department and will want to keep those referrals coming in! They will make lending loyalty to you a priority, so that they may continue to receive the lucrative referrals you send their way. After you approve the dealer invitation list, AutoLine begins the dealer sign-up process. Check out our introduction and training video to see how easy AutoCash is for the dealer to use!